Meditation: “by training the mind we can change the quality of experience.”*

Happy New Year! We hope that you welcomed 2016 with celebration and joy. The beginning of the year can be a great opportunity to bring greater peace and harmony to our lives, and to those around us. Meditation is a great way to do just that, and we are committed to supporting you as you engage a profound meditation tradition suited for modern day life. ExploreMeditation is Juniper’s free introduction to meditation.  We hope you’ll use it as encouragement to begin to meditate for 5 days, 5 minutes a day. 

Click here to begin your journey with meditation.

Finally, try not to judge your practice, and know that just your sincere effort can bring results. All the best for a great 2016.

*Title quote is from Juniper's foundational text, Awakening the Mind. To read it in its entirety for free, click here.